SATC Schedule of Hikes & Activities

hiker The Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club (SATC) invites you to join us on one of our many led hikes. We offer about 100 group hikes each year.

For each event, a volunteer hike leader will share one of the Harrisburg area's footpaths with you.  You need not be a member to hike with us.  Try it and if you like it, we hope you'll consider becoming a member.  See you on the trail!! 

Scroll down this page to see the current calendar of hikes.


SATC Group Hike Guidelines

In order to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all, SATC hike leaders have developed a few simple guidelines for participants in its group hikes. These are:

  • Meeting: The hike leader will define the meeting location.  Please refer to the Activity Schedule for the specific meeting location for a given hike.
  • Greeting: At the beginning of each group hike, each participant is invited to join in a circle and say your name. You can use your first name, or not "circle," if you prefer.
  • Registration: All hikers are encouraged to register with the hike leader at the hike meeting point or at the trailhead before starting any scheduled hike. You can preview the registration form and release.
  • Pre-registration: For safety reasons with all D and E terrain rated hikes, and all hikes over 10 miles, please register with the hike leader before arriving at the meeting location unless the leader has hiked with you previously and knows your abilities. (Accordingly, the times and/or meeting points for these hikes might not be posted on this web site.)
  • Transportation: If you ride with someone, you should give the driver 10 cents times the highway mileage shown in the hike schedule to help defray the costs of transportation.
  • Pets: No pets are allowed on hikes or at other activities.
  • Leave No Trace: If you carry it in on an Capital Region group hike, please carry it out.
  • Smoking: NO smoking is permitted.
  • On the trail: We request that hikers stay between the leader and the "sweep." If you suddenly leave the hiking group without telling either the leader or the sweep, we will try to find you, possibly including calling authorities for search-and-rescue operations. If the volunteer hike leader is going too fast or otherwise not meeting your expectations, don't suffer in silence, but tell the leader in private.

We want the hike experience to be fun for you, and everyone else!

Where are these hikes?

Good question! If you're not from south central Pennsylvania or not familiar with its trails, please refer to our comprehensive introduction to hiking in the Harrisburg area.

Where do we meet?

The meeting place for each hike will be listed in the hike description along with a link to the Google map for that location. Once the map is displayed, you can click on the "Get Directions" button and enter your address to display the recommended route from your home to the meeting location.

What are these letters and numbers in the hike listing?

Click here for the hike codes.



Pennsylvania Hunting Seasons

Pennsylvania sells about a million hunting licenses each year. Hikers NEED to know when their armed companions take to the woods. We recommend wearing a blaze orange cap or vest each year from the penultimate weekend of April through Tuesday after Memorial Day Monday and from the first weekend of October through the end of January.

Strongly consider NOT hiking in the woods altogether from the Monday before Thanksgiving through the first two weeks of December.

It is THE LAW (scroll down to Section (c)21) to wear blaze orange on State Game Lands from November 15 through December 15. The Darlington, Appalachian, and many other trails pass through State Game Lands.


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