Approaching Second Mountain - Photo by Lorrie Preston

Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club


Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club offers an extensive schedule of activities including scores of group hikes each year with many social and natural exploration possibilities, and numerous trail work outings building our trails and a special sense of camaraderie at the same time!

SATC Work Trip - 4/6/2013 - Photo by Dave Johnston SATC is one of thirty-one groups that maintain part of the Appalachian Trail, a footpath following the crest of the Appalachian Mountains for over 2,180 miles from Maine to Georgia.  SATC is a Pennsylvania incorporated 501(c)3 charitable not-for-profit organization.  SATC volunteers contribute well over a thousand hours each year toward the care and preservation of this and other footpaths in Central Pennsylvania.

SATC invites you to join in exploring and learning about nature on scheduled group hikes, in caring for our footpaths, and in helping to preserve and conserve our trail lands.  Scheduled hikes and trail care outings are open to everyone - membership, while welcome, is not required.

SATC invites you to see what we have done and are doing to preserve, and to join us on the footpaths, exploring our local landscapes around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

What's new?

  • Graffiti Removal at "Shock Rock"

    On Saturday, June 4th a crew of trail maintainers from SATC began the hard task of removing the graffiti from the rocks along the Appalachian Trail on Peter’s Mountain. With the use of the "Elephant Snot" product and backpack power washers, we were able to make quite a dent. After a long hot and humid day, we were very happy with what we accomplished. We will continue to chip away at it until it is all removed.

    THANK YOU to Jeff Buehler, who’s pre-work trip preparation and planning made the day go so smoothly. And of course, a big thank you to those who came out and applied the snot, power washed, and lugged the much needed water up and down the rocks.

Earth Poem

This earth we know.
This earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.
This we know.
All things are connected like the blood which unites one family.
All things are connected.

~ Chief Seattle